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srm software tool

SPUR100 SRM will help you measure supplier performance collaboratively and store everything related to all your suppliers in a single place. It helps you to effectively manage your Purchase Requests / Customer Orders by automating Request for Quotation and comparison through the system.

SRM Features

srm Oman

Provide your organizations and suppliers with global and quick access to supplier information

supplier relationship management

Consolidate and track supplier performance data in a centralized database

supplier relationship management software

Reduce the risk of poor quality and supply chain disruptions

srm company Oman

Continuously improve, collaborate, and develop your supplier network

srm software suppliers

Improve customer satisfaction by maximizing material availability and minimizing cost

srm tool

Checking for duplication and auto-normalizing the supplier data during supplier profile creation

Apart from the on-boarding process it also helps to automate the full procurement cycle in one single place by:

Allowing supplier to login to the spur cloud based system to check all the purchase orders.

Allowing supplier to upload the invoice.

Though the supplier has the options to upload the invoice etc the control will you be in your hands.

Spur SRM Pricing

Suitable for:

Provides a user friendly and effective tool for organizations

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